M Easycomfort

M Easycomfort

Üretici Marka: LACTONA
Model: M Easycomfort
Ürün Tipi: Yetişkin Diş Fırçaları
Stok Durumu: Stokta Var

M Easycomfort

M Easycomfort extra soft, soft, medium and hard.

The pattern of the brushhead, significant for the M toothbrush, has been maintained. Due to minimalizing of the superfluous brushhead material around the outer rows of the nylon tufts the accessibility of the hard to reach molars has been improved.

The two component handle with thumb grip combines effectivity and comfort. The straight patented multi-tufted surface with end-rounded and polished nylon filaments prevents damage of the gums. Available in 4 variaties, the color of the filaments matches the color of the thumb grip.

Available with or without tip.


40155540 M Easycomfort extra soft with tip
40155544 M Easycomfort extra soft without tip
40155541 M Easycomfort soft with tip
40155545 M Easycomfort soft without tip
40155542 M Easycomfort medium with tip
40155546 M Easycomfort medium without tip
40155543 M Easycomfort hard with tip
40155547 M Easycomfort hard without tip

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